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Freshsea drinking water is produced on the lines of modern water purification equipment RO, O-Zone, ultraviolet (UV) US closed due Trent Services Group Serven technology transfer, so drinking water is pure and safe panoramic. Cylinders, bottles, lids and faucets safety standards of food hygiene are licensed by the Department of Health should have no toxic and not carcinogenic.
Purified water is Freshsea many consumers voted the typical products for many years, are the departments and schools to use ..
Pure Water Freshsea many large foreign corporations in Vietnam from trusted and used for years, which represents such as carmakers Toyota, Luxus, Club 21 .... The travel company as BuffaloTour White Lotus Travel, Hoi An Express, MTV Travel tour .....
Our company specializes in the processing of bottled water at the request of the customer, if your company needs branding on his water bottle, then please contact us for a thoughtful response.
Label 2 types of processing capacity from 330 ml to 500 ml.
 - Type 330 ml (24 bottles): This product is suitable for companies to use for receptions, conferences and promote their brands.
 - Type 500 ml (24 bottles): This product is suitable for tourism companies, resort, resorts want to do their own brand.
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